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Hopper discharge unit - Discharging, feeding, conveying

The AViTEQ Hopper discharge unit is used below hoppers, silos, bunkers or bulk containers for flowable bulk materials and serves as a combined closure, discharge, transportation and metering device. It is used where high material flows are required. Short hopper discharge units are mounted directly below the bulk hopper. Depending on the bulk material, the discharge unit can be fitted with appropriate protective linear and sealing systems.

Advantages & benefits 

  • robust design and therefore long-lasting
  • variable feeding speed with magnetic vibrator for optimal dosing to the process
  • bunker closure without additional barriers
  • arrangment central below the bunker run, simple and professional installation possible
  • upon request, in a dust-tight design to save the environment


The main components are:

  • conveyor
  • bunker shoe for product guiding inside the feeder
  • drive
  • elastic support elements
  • optional: flexible sealings
  • optional: needle or blade gate for closing


The sizing depends on:

  • bulk material
  • throughput
  • required geometry
  • existing hopper size and design
  • possible dimensions

Key figures

  • length: 6,000 mm
  • width: 2,500 mm
  • throughput: 10,000 t/h
  • drive: magnetic vibrator, unbalanced motor, exciter

Product photos