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Trough feeder - Discharging, feeding, conveying

AViTEQ-trough conveyor are suitable for conveying and metering of pourable bulk material up to almost any particle size. By ensuring robust and open, trough-shaped structure are particularly suitable conveyors in extreme environmental conditions, because of the easy cleaning ability, but also happy in the chemical and food industry.

Advantages & benefits

Wide range of applications:

  • using magnetic vibrator drive(s) or vibrator(s)
  • dust-proof versions available
  • long conveying inserted through serial connection possible
  • multiple drive possible
  • execution in mild steel or stainless steel


Conveyors are characterized by their simple design. The main components are:

  • conveyor with drive traverse
  • drive
  • in-/outlet pipe (covered variants)
  • elastic support elements
  • flexible seals


The sizing is dependent on:

  • bulk material
  • throughput
  • required geometry
  • possible installation mass

Key figures

  • length: up to 9,000 mm on single units, theoretically unlimited for conveyor lines
  • width: up to 3,500 mm
  • throughput: up to 1,000 m³/h
  • drive: magnetic vibrator, unbalanced motor, exciter

Product photos