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Tubular feeder - Discharging, feeding, conveying

AViTEQ-Tubular feeders are suitable for handling and dosing of free flowing bulk material with a max. grain size of 1/3 of the tube diameter. Especially when the conveying process has to be dust free, tubular feeders are suitable through their closed design; which is needed also with high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. For feeding poisonous and hazardous substances, tube conveyors are used preferred.

Advantages & benefits

Wide range of applications:

  • dustproof
  • food suitable  construction
  • driven by magnetic vibrator/s or unbalanced motor/s
  • long distances possible due to serial connection of feeders possible (conveyor lines)
  • multiple drive possible (magnetic vibrators)
  • variants available for reversing machines
  • separate replacement of tube body or drive traverse (clamp version)
  • made of mild steel or stainless steel


Tube feeders are characterized by their simple design. The main components are:

  • feeding tube with a drive beam, either welded or connected by clamping saddle
  • drive (magnetic vibrator/s or unbalanced motor/s)
  • inlet / outlet nozzles
  • elastically supports
  • flexible sealing


The sizing is dependent on:

  • product to transport
  • throughput
  • required geometry
  • possible installation

 Key figures

  • length: up to 9,000 mm for single machines, theoretically unlimited for conveyor lines
  • diameters: 219 mm, 273 mm, 324 mm, 406 mm as standard, other diameters possible
  • throughput: up to approximately 100 m3/h
  • drives: magnetic vibrator or unbalanced

Product photos