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AViTEQ's 3D portfolio

On this page you can find some 3D examples from the AViTEQ product portfolio. For all those who are visually predisposed. Have fun turning and zooming.

Circular motion screen - Screening, classifying, dewatering

AViTEQ-Vibrating Circular motion screens divide into several bulk grain size ranges, seven small amounts of over-or undersize or separate from impurities and foreign matter from the screenings. Vibrating screens are working with directed vibrations/amplitudes, which are selected on special product to screen, depending on the installation conditions. The screens can separate different fractions simultaneously. The choice of the screen size and dimension depend on the task.  

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Dewatering screens - Screening, classifying, dewatering

AViTEQ Dewatering screens are designed as linear vibrating devises for drainage of sand, plastic granules, kieserite, limestone, etc., even to depart insoluble contaminants from wash water or carrier liquids.  

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Spiral conveyor - Vertical conveying

AViTEQ-Spiral conveyor are used wherever bulk solids have to be conveyed in a vertical direction. These robust spiral conveyors are suitable for conveying a host of bulk solids from various production processes. These can be fine to coarse-grained, as well as fragmentary bulk solids. Our spiral conveyors are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, and also in the raw material industry. The use of additional fixtures enables products to be treated by thermal (cooling/heating) or technical (drying) processes. The bulk solids can be transported both upwards or downwards.  

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Vibrating GRIZZLY Screen

AViTEQ Vibrating GRIZZLY Screen are characterized by great robustness and durability. They serve as a discharge unit with an integrated screening function below the silo or bunker discharge, as feed units upstream of crushers, conveyor belts, screening, or for loading or simple screening.    

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