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For about 75 years, engineers from AViTEQ sit at the table when it comes to planning and realisation of process engineering systems based on vibration technology. We have gained extensive know-how in the following sectors:

Recycling, Enviroment & Glass

Quarries, Pits, Mining & Cement

Chemicals Plastics & Pharmaceuticals

Food & Animal Feed

Steel Production & Foundry Technology

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Discharging, feeding, vertical or horizontal conveying, screening, classifying, dewatering, spreading, sorting, dosing, storaging, compacting, loosening, cooling, heating, drying or weighing, the processes which AViTEQ covers with vibrating technology is extensive.

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We support our brands AViTEQ and AEG. Besides an extensive repair and replacement parts service for our drives and systems, our customer care includes support during installation and startup. Moreover, AViTEQ provides training and instruction for operating and maintenance personnel as services, too.

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