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sorting, dosing, storaging

Take advantage of our experience with vibration conveying technologies in all sectors. Whether bin discharge, drainage, grading, dust or protective screening, whether the conveying of large volume quantities or for special tasks in process engineering, such as when feeding, sorting, compacting, dosing, cooling, heating and drying, all AViTEQ drives and devices do their work reliably.

Small part conveyor

  • Conveying and dosage of fine-grained, but not too bulky, mass materials
  • Feeding and storing mass-produced parts
  • Industry- and product-specific solutions
  • Conveying capacity up to 45 m³/h, with individual drives up to max. 2,000 mm length or max. 600 mm width
  • High conveying capacity with compact dimension

Parts conveyor

  • High level of conveying capacity with compact dimensions
  • operationally safe in continuous employment
  • synchronized two-mass vibration system
  • no influencing of the vibration characteristics through the weight of the parts being conveyed
  • maintenance-free drive