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New development Loss-in-Weight system

[Translate to Englisch:] AViTEQ Differentialdosierwaage (Loss-in-Weight)


As a vibration technology manufacturer, since 2011 AViTEQ has offered a weighing technology product portfolio under the WEiTEQ brand name. The product range comprises mainly belt weigh feeders, belt scales and also robustly designed loss in weight feeders. Through our 75 years of experience in the field of vibration and weighing technology, AViTEQ has now intelligently combined loss in weight and vibrating conveyor technology, and is now able to offer a new, modern, dosing technology. The high quality and process reliability standards of this product line means it is of particular interest to the food and feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastics industries.



The vibrating conveyor, which we have produced to high quality standards for many years now, and continue to develop further according to new requirements, plays a key role in loss in weight systems. It is particularly suited to continuous, gravimetric and batch-wise dosing of pourable bulk materials with no hygroscopic, adhesive or floodable properties. This can include fragile bulk materials such as food, for example, abrasive bulk materials (coarse powder, pellets, granules) and, not least, difficult to handle bulk materials (such as fibres, glass fibres, pharmaceutical powders, and so on). The loss in weight feeders are constructed from standard components according to a modular principle. However for special applications, which are not covered by the standard range, AViTEQ can carry out customer-specific adaptations to meet the customer’s individual requirements at any point. A fully working model was presented for the first time at the "SCHUETTGUT" fair 2015 in Dortmund.



·       less shear and pressure forces

·       chutes have a dead space-free design

·       can be quickly and easily cleaned, maintenance-free vibratory outfeed

·       very gentle weighing (volumetric and gravimetric)

·       very precise dosage

·       high throughputs