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Controller - variants

The AViTEQ Vibtronic units are fully equipped controllers for the operation of vibrators. About a variety of standard features and special designs the controllers can be used in many different industries and variable to adapt to the work environment.

VIBTRONIC®-controllers are designed to supply AC voltage to control magnetic vibrators. They operate according to the principle of voltage control (phase-fired control). For all standard voltages in the 50 and 60 Hz
main supply, AViTEQ has a suitable controller available in either a built-in or housing design. The controllers have voltage compensation for fluctuations in
the main supply and some models have a limited control that rotects the magnetic vibrator from impact. The setpoint specification
can be set using a potentiometer
or an external setpoint (0-10 VDC or 0/4-20 mA). Information regarding operational status can be read from the integrated status relay and LEDs.
Depending on the model, a vibrator current up to 100 A is possible. Accessories can be used to expand the controllers for use with applications with multiple drives or a vibrating conveyor with reversing operation.

VIBTRONIC®-U-braking systems are used in operation with unbalanced motors, particularly for decelerating the unbalanced motors after switching off the drives. AViTEQ has the right braking system for every application: controlled or uncontrolled, with or without PTC resistor protection and available in either a built-in or housing design. Our solutions are customized for the respective application or problem. VIBTRONIC®U-braking systems are also available with transverse vibration monitoring.

VIBTRONIC®-U-speed controllers
are used for the stepless variable adjustment of drives (unbalanced motors and directional exciters) for vibrating conveyors. This makes it possible to regulate capacity in a range between
30 and 100 % of required feed rate. In addition, specialized tasks can be carried out, e.g. consolidating bulk materials
or removing contamination. VIBTRONIC® U-speed controllers are specially designed for AViTEQ unbalanced motors and do not display high sensitivity to
full-load flow .