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Bowl feeder - Sorting, dosing, storing

AViTEQ Bowl Feeders / Parts Conveyors for ordered arranging, individualizing and conveying are used in every case where mass parts have to be supplied to a magazine, a machine or to installation equipment, item for item, with a pre-determined orientation and time. 

Advantages and benefits

  • High level of conveying capacity with compact dimensions
  • Operationally safe in continuous employment
  • Synchronized two-mass vibration system
  • No influencing of the vibration characteristics through the weight of the parts being conveyed
  • Maintenance-free drive
  • Conformity with all EC Guideline which affect the drives
  • Also available for explosion-endangered spaces (Ex), as well as for 60 Hz power systems and other mains voltages 

Construction and operation mode

AViTEQ Bowl feeders / Parts conveyors are two-mass vibration systems, which are synchronized to be close to a resonant condition. The drive part includes the elements for vibration generation, such as electromagnet and leaf spring packages. The arrangement of the simple leaf springs determines the feed direction. Parts conveyors, which convey in clockwise direction, are designated with "R" (clockwise running). Parts conveyors which convey in anti-clockwise direction are designated with "L" (anti-clockwise running). In the case of an order, it is absolutely necessary that the feed direction be indicated. The pot is connected with the drive and is easily detachable. For individual itemization and alignment of parts, special mounted equipment (baffle plates) in the pot are necessary. Optimal design and coordination of the two-mass vibration system guarantee a uniform conveying action, which is also independent of the pot filling. The bowl feeder /parts conveyor is supported on rubber dampers. Vibrations are thus transmitted only weakly to the environment.


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