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Compact/Linear feeder - Sorting, dosing, storing

AViTEQ-Compact/Linear feeder are used where fine-grained bulk materials and not too unwieldy mass parts must be delivered, conveyed, dosed, added or assigned from storage tanks. AViTEQ has led the way in producing these devices and drives in Germany at the highest level of standard.

Advantages and benefits 

  • High level of conveying capacity with compact dimensions
  • Operationally safe in continuous employment
  • No influencing of the conveying speed with different loading of the user device (conduit, trough, rail).
  • Conformity with all EC Guidelines which affect the drives
  • Available for hazardous areas (ATEX; 94/9/EG)
  • Available  for 60 Hz power systems and other mains voltages

Construction and operation mode

Compact / Linear feeder equipment is based on synchronized two-mass vibration systems which are tuned close to a resonant condition. The drive part includes the elements for vibration generation, such as electromagnet and leaf spring packages. The vibration amplitude (double amplitude) defines the maximum height of the microthrow and thus the theoretically possible conveying speed. The actual flow rate with bulk material conveying is basically influenced by the conveying cross section, the settled-material density and the conveyability of the bulk material. The small conveying drive is connected with the working device, such as conduit, trough or rail, such that it is easily detachable. Optimal layout design and coordination of the two-mass vibration system guarantee conveying characteristics which are uniform and independent of the working device loading. The Compact feeder drive is supported on rubber dampers. Vibrations are thus hardly transmitted to the environment.

Drive Selection

In the selection of the drive, effective weight has to be considered, particularly the weight of the user device to be screwed on securely. If the effective weight of the user device / attachment must be included with the order. The maximum admissible effective weight should not be exceeded. 


Trough of stainless steel 1.4301, electrochemically polished, open design implementation, rectangular conveying cross-section, the bending and torsion-resistant design of the working device is a prerequisite for trouble-free functioning of Compact feeder-scale equipment 


  • Standard feed hoppers (also in stainless steel)
  • Adjustable frame for control of the flow rate
  • AViTEQ controller 

Product photos



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