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Vibrating Fluid bed system & Heat exchange equipment - Cooling, heating, drying

AViTEQ-vibrating heat exchanger are used in a number of processes in which bulk solids have to be cooled, heated, dried etc. These special-purpose units are able to perform the heat exchange process during transportation. Usually, this occurs indirectly through the use of double bottoms to accommodate the heat exchange medium (oil, water, air, etc.). AViTEQ heat exchangers are employed in practically every industry (chemical, food, plastics, pharmaceutical, recycling and raw materials). 

The spiral conveyor, which offers large heat exchange surfaces from a small footprint through its coils, is an especially cost-effective solution. A laser-welded version, which offers maximum density in return for minimum heat admission during manufacturing operations (no welding stresses to cause delays), is playing an increasingly important role for these special units.      

Advantages & benefits

  • gentle product treatment
  • optimised and customised modification to suit existing processes
  • low wear and practically maintenance-free
  • host of different versions (hygiene, dust and explosion protected etc)


Depending on the type of the unit:

  • Working unit
  • vibrating drives 


The dimensioning of the heater exchanger depends on:

  • bulk solids (graining, bulk density, moisture)
  • required flow rate
  • conveyor dimensions
  • process requirement (cooling, heating, drying etc.)

Key figures

Various, depending on the type of the unit

Product photos