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Belt scales - Weighing

AViTEQ Belt Scales are ideal for the precise dynamic weighing of raw materials in your process environment. You receive reliable results at affordable prices. Our devices can be used in applications subject to low or high loads, also in rough and difficult conditions. Depending on the application and requirements profile, Belt Scales are available with one, two, or multiple rollers. 

Advantages and benefits 

  • For continuous weighing of a wide range of bulk materials on belt conveyors.
  • Flexible implementation depending on accuracy requirements and actual lay out of belt conveyor. Special solutions for legal-for-trade applications
  • Long term repeatable accuracy due to robust construction and direct load transmission design that eliminates pivots and lever arms
  • Easy installation and alignment with minimum modifications required to existing conveyor structure and components 


  • Weighbridge
  • Speed sensor
  • Junction box
  • Load cell cable (depending on distance to weighing controller)
  • Integrator (or weighing controller)
  • Dimensional drawing
  • Set of operational and service manuals
Technical data WBS-1 WBS-2 WBS-4
Accuracy ±1% *) ±0,5% *) ±0,25% *)
Flow rate (t/h) ≤ 6.000 ≤ 6.000 ≤ 6.000
Belt speed (m/s) ≤ 3,5/6,0 ≤ 3,5/6,0 ≤ 3,5/6,0
Operation temperautre -25°C bis +45°C 25°C bis +45°C 25°C bis +45°C
Protection class IP68, IP65 IP68, IP65 IP68, IP65


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