Furnace charging feeder for battery recycling

Product group: Trough conveyor
Industrial process: Discharging, feeding, conveying
Industry: Recycling, Environment, Glass
Type of drive: Unbalance motor
capacity (t/h): 20 | bulk: shredded battery | density (t/m³): 2,6 | grain size (mm): 10

A battery recycling process processes 20 tons of batteries per hour. After the batteries have been separated and crushed in a centrifuge and crusher, the elements obtained in this way, such as plumb, must be fed into a furnace.


For this purpose, AViTEQ produces a vibrating feeder with a total length of 7.5 meters (OA7500 / 800-UVP85V). The vibrations allow the plumb elements to be conveyed cleanly into an oven. In the discharge area of the channel into the furnace, a screw-on "nose" made of highly heat-resistant stainless steel was attached, which protrudes into the furnace. A frequency converter was also installed.


With the help of the frequency control, the product can be partially dosed into the oven. In doing so, the necessary transport length of 7.5 meters is overcome. The specially designed outlet area in the furnace withstands the very high temperatures inside and can be renewed without having to rebuild the ccomplete feeder.

place of installation: France