Trough conveyor for limestone

Product group: Trough conveyor
Industrial process: Discharging, feeding, conveying
Industry: Construction, Quarries, Pits, Mining, Cement
Type of drive: Unbalance motor
capacity (t/h): 25 | bulk: limestone | density (t/m³): 0,8 | grain size (mm): 0-100

Transport of 25 t/h limestone (0,8 t/m3 bulk density, grain size 0-100 mm) from dosing feeder. Alternative discharge to mixing plant.


trough conveyor with a length of 4000 and a width of 650. Driven by 2 motors from above, pneumatic activated gate in the area of inlet.


Safe of space due to the possible two off discharge possibilities.

place of installation: Egypt (sugar plant)