Screening of cement

Product group: Parts conveyor
Industrial process: screening, classifying, dewatering
Industry: Construction, Quarries, Pits, Mining, Cement
Type of drive: parts conveyor drive
capacity (t/h): - | bulk: Cement | density (t/m³): - | grain size (mm): -

Screening of cement with splitting at (width) 40μ with a output of 60kgs/h. For easy cleaning, the screen moduls can be taken out to the side.


Screen on basis of a part conveyor feeder in modular design. Enables a fast change of the screen moduls. To avoid block of the screen, a cleaning system by means of rubber balls has been installed directly below the screen. To avoid caking of the smaller particles below the screen, a filter has been installed as the bottom plate. Using compressed air, the particles can be removed and will be brought out of the machine. (VSRD-400-1/TFH400-L-S50 (#50645))


- Compact and versatile screening machine for fast change of the screen moduls.

- Target product: fine bulk material

- Used at: Quality control production

place of installation: Germany