Compacting of activated carbon powder

Product group: Vibrating table
Industrial process: compacting, loosening
Industry: Recycling, Environment, Glass
Type of drive: Magnetic vibrator
capacity (t/h): 0 | bulk: Activated carbon powder | density (t/m³): 0,2-0,6 | grain size (mm): unbekannt

The interested party wanted to compacting activated carbon powder in a wooden cassette using a vibrating table.


Experiments with AViTEQ were suggested to the customer. The experiments yielded the desired results. The filling level of the cassette used can be increased after a short time and the cassette does not have to be fixed on the plate. At the smallest oscillation width setting, with an approx. 0.15 mm oscillation width, the desired results are achieved. An AViTEQ vibrating table VT600 / 800-MVC50-4 with table with castors was offered and sold to the customer.


The customer can now fill his wooden cassettes more heavily. The table is mobile and can be used in various areas of the company. The use of the magnetic vibrator does not require any maintenance intervals. The table is completely maintenance-free and durable.

place of installation: Germany