Weighing / charging of raw meal, cement and slag

Product group: Loss-in-Weight system
Industrial process: weighing
Industry: Construction, Quarries, Pits, Mining, Cement
Type of drive: small conveyor drive
Loss-in-Weight with vibration drive magnet vibrator
capacity (t/h): 0,0003 | bulk: Raw meal, cement, broken slag | density (t/m³): 0.9 - 3.0 | grain size (mm): 0 - 4 mm

Weighing and charging different bulk materials, like raw meal, cement and broken slag, while adhering to the special customer requirements for the installation situation and the operation / weighing process. It was important, that the system is closed.  


Totaly closed AViTEQ Loss-in-Weight system Weighing and charging (MiB-KF0,5/265/43V-T0,1)


• very fine conveying / dosing performance with very compact dimensions

• safe to operate during continuous operation, maintenance-free

• no unintended influence on the conveying speed at different loadings

place of installation: Germany