Compact feeder for protective screening of feed additives

Product group: Small conveyor
Industrial process: screening, classifying, dewatering
Industry: Food, Animal Feed
Type of drive: small conveyor drive
capacity (t/h): 4 | bulk: Additives for dog food | density (t/m³): 0,65 kg/l | grain size (mm): 0,5 - 1

The customer receives additional products for the dog food production. These 25kg containers are delivered from suppliers from all over the world. For quality reasons, the bags should be subjected to a protective screening in order to be able to screen out any foreign objects (such as fishing nets, metal parts, etc.). The linear feeder screen should also be movable for production reasons.


A compact feeder type KF12 was supplied as a screen with a trough with a length of 1200mm and a width of 300mm. The trough is made of V2A (1.4301) electrochemically polished and has perforated plates in the floor of the outlet area. The hole diameter is approx. 3-5 mm and the trough is designed with a free outlet for oversize particles. The bunker is also made of V2A (1.4301) and electrochemically polished with a slide gate for layer height adjustment and with a movable frame.


The customer achieves the desired quality standard with the supplied Compact feeder with screening function for his additives. The mobility due to the movability of the dosing screen gives the customer an additional flexibility in his production process.

place of installation: Suisse