Belt weigh conveyor with vibration feeder for DRI

Product group: Belt weigh feeder
Industrial process: weighing
Industry: Steel Production, Foundry Technology
Type of drive: Magnetic vibrator
capacity (t/h): 60 | bulk: DRI (Direct reduces iron) | density (t/m³): 1,7 | grain size (mm): 4-20

From the steelproduction industry came an inquiry about the discharge of DRI (directly reduced iron). This manufactured material is an essential component within steel production. The customer discharges the material directly from the bunker with a conveyor belt. Since the material is highly abrasive, the conveyor belt must be replaced regularly. In addition, the customer wants to weigh the product in order to feed the DRI accurately to the next process steps. Translated with (free version)


AViTEQ offered a combination of a weighfeeder and a vibratory feeder with magnetic vibrator. The vibratory feeder is used to close the hopper and as a discharge device to gently discharge the DRI and feed it to the downstream weigh feeder. The weigh feeder measures the throughput via weighing cells and, in conjunction with the vibratory feeder, regulates the amount of DRI required.


The vibratory feeder can be used to discharge the highly abrasive DRI from the bunker. The vibratory feeder gently transfers the material to the conveyor belt without exerting additional pressure through the material. In this combination, the conveyor belt can be significantly spared and only needs to be replaced very rarely. The magnetic vibrator of the vibratory feeder is maintenance-free. This means that there are no further follow-up costs. The weighfeeder weighs the product with a high degree of accuracy.

place of installation: Venezuela