Tube feeder for milk powder

Product group: Tubular feeder
Industrial process: Discharging, feeding, conveying
Industry: Food, Animal Feed
Type of drive: Magnetic vibrator
capacity (t/h): 0,1 | bulk: milk powder | density (t/m³): 0,25 | grain size (mm): unter 1

discharge of milk powder after bunker with bucket wheel and dosing with high capacitiy of 40 m3/h (grain size – 1mm, 0,25 t/m³ bulk density).


Tube feeder with a length of 4630mm and a width of 406mm, driven by a magnetic vibrator with a frequency of 33Hz (MVH33). With surface roughness of 0,2-0,3 μm, continues welding, keel hermetic closed and welded to the tube, special tube covers.


- Staubdichtes System

- Vorteile der MV-Technik

- Einfache Reinigung durch Spezialdeckel

place of installation: Netherlands