Reversible conveyor for hot foundry sand

Product group: Reversible trough/tubular conveyor
Industrial process: Discharging, feeding, conveying
Industry: Steel Production, Foundry Technology
Type of drive: Unbalance motor
capacity (t/h): 30 | bulk: foundry sand | density (t/m³): 1,2 | grain size (mm): 1

Transport of foundry sand into 2 directions, capacity 30 t/h, sand temperature 200°C.


Reversible conveyor type OAR 5196/600 ASS-U-motors. Trough c/w extensible liner inserts because of temperature. Special design of trough with inclined both sides. Driven by 3 unbalanced motors.


- reduced installation height due to reversible operation of the conveyor

- high life cycle.

place of installation: Germany