Part of a Recycling Waste Processing plant

Product group: Trough conveyor
Industrial process: screening, classifying, dewatering
Industry: Recycling, Environment, Glass
Type of drive: Unbalance motor
capacity (t/h): 1 | bulk: Müllschlacke | density (t/m³): unterschiedlich | grain size (mm): 0-2

Discharge of 300-400°C of hot waste after incinerator and transport to vibrating screen.


2-way-chute in the inlet area of unbalanced driven AViTEQ conveyor for emergency case, camera controlled transport to a AViTEQ screen (to screen out >2mm waste), transport of the oversize waste through 20m AViTEQ long distance conveyor type OL with exciter drive, big parts of waste can be removed by means of moveable cover section, execution allows explosion due to special covered explosion opening.


Because of dry waste process instead of wet handling is more simple.

place of installation: Switzerland