heat exchange process machine for vanadium / nickelash

Product group: Trough conveyor
Industrial process: Discharging, feeding, conveying
Industry: Steel Production, Foundry Technology
Type of drive: Magnetic vibrator
capacity (t/h): 2 | bulk: Vanadium / nickelash | density (t/m³): 1 | grain size (mm): 0,02

Indirect cooling of 2 t/h (≅ 2 m³/h) of vanadium and nickelash. Product comes from discharge tube of the oven and should be cooled down fromb 220°C to 80°C.


AViTEQ cooling conveyor type OAW-1000-UVG 21W. Dust tight execution, trough with screening area at the outlet position for screening out of oversize product (only some parts), trough c/w cover and quick acting clamping system and inspection openings. Driven by 2 off motors with steep acting line. To achieve longer residential time of the product for cooling, trough with 3 independent cooling inserts laser welded, trough made from stainless steel.


- high causing efficiency due to compact design

- easy handling because of independent inserts

- high resistance against leakage because of the laser welding

place of installation: Austria