Compact feeder for separating castings

Product group: Small conveyor
Industrial process: sorting, dosing, storaging
Industry: Steel Production, Foundry Technology
Type of drive: small conveyor drive
capacity (t/h): XX | bulk: castings | density (t/m³): XX | grain size (mm): XX

For separation of castings  


A KF12x2 / 1300/500/360 with twin-drive with the connecting controller SRA-C50 / 01-1-1 was individually designed for the customer and manufactured according to the installation conditions.


Two KF12 small conveyor drives are placed side by side to provide the necessary flow rate for this individual trough. The executed trough is made of stainless steel 1.4301 and is electrochemically polished. The conveyor cross-section is rectangular. The design is open with a free outlet to the front, so that an optimal introduction into the production process can take place. In the inlet area is a baffle, which should solve the parts from each other. The middle part is designed with multi-track U-profiles and is limited by baffles.

place of installation: Germany