Conveyor designed for cooling of carborundum

Product group: Vibrating fluid-bed system
Industrial process: cooling, heating, drying
Industry: Chemicals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals
Type of drive: Unbalance motor
capacity (t/h): 1,5 | bulk: carborundum | density (t/m³): 1,7 | grain size (mm): 1,2

A capacity of 1500 kg/h carborundum with 200°C temperature has to be cooled down to 50°C (+- 30°C).


Operation of 2 conveyors type OAOW 3580/900 driven by 2 unbalanced motors type UVH38W, conveyor body made from stainless steel, dust tight execution including inspection openings, indirect water cooling (5,5 m³/h water each conveyor) by means of laser welded cooling inserts


High efficiency and reduced required installation space due to compact design. Reliable system because of laser welding

place of installation: Austria