Hopper discharge unit in a steel plant for alloyes

Product group: Hopper discharge unit
Industrial process: Discharging, feeding, conveying
Industry: Steel Production, Foundry Technology
Type of drive: Magnetic vibrator
capacity (t/h): 100 | bulk: ferro alloyes | density (t/m³): 2 | grain size (mm): 5 - 60

Hopper discharge of ferro alloyes in a steelmill with environmental temperature between –50°C up to +150°C.


OA 1320/420ASS MVE50-4 trough feeder and AB 400/400/1000 ASS discharge chute feeder driven by one off magnetic vibrator in tropical finish c/w special connection cable made of silicon. Trough made from special steel no. 1.0566 because of temperature –50° C.


Well known advantages of magnetic vibrator suitable for extreme environment.

place of installation: Russia