Spiral elevator for cooling of cereals

Product group: Thermal spiral conveyor
Industrial process: cooling, heating, drying
Industry: Food, Animal Feed
Type of drive: Unbalance motor
capacity (t/h): 2,2 | bulk: Hot Crunchy cereals | density (t/m³): 0,3 - 0,5 | grain size (mm): 1 - 30

Granulated crunchy cereals should be conveyed upwards in the production process and at the same time cooled in such a way that it can be packed at the right temperature in the big bags at the end. Two tasks, one solution...       


The best solution for this task is our cooling spiral elevator type WFW6170 / 1200, which transports the cereals carefully up to an outlet height of 7.7 m while cooling down the still hot product. It is driven by two very large unbalance motors type UVP119W. All parts are made in V2A (1.4301). The surfaces of the spirals have been blasted using a special procedure. The ViwateQ® process meets the requirements of the food industry and produces high-polished surfaces. The surfaces of all other parts are pickled and passivated.


The advantage of that the spiral elevator is the soft product handling while cooling down at the same time. Each individual spiral base can also be cooled separately, which enables a very fine temperature control. The use of the cooling spiral feeder is efficiant within the cost in the production process and also regarding the substainability.

place of installation: Germany