Dewatering screen for drilling mud for separating drilling fluid

Product group: Dewatering screens
Industrial process: screening, classifying, dewatering
Industry: Construction, Quarries, Pits, Mining, Cement
Type of drive: Unbalance motor
capacity (t/h): 70 | bulk: Drilling mud of earth boreholes | density (t/m³): 1,8 | grain size (mm): 0,5-25

The customer stated that drilling fluid has to be separated from the drilling mud of earth boreholes due to legal regulations. A dewatering screen is required for this, which should be planned horizontally, but it can also be set to a slope using an on-site tilting device. The screen linings were provided by customers.


The customer received a dewatering screen type VSW640 / 2750-UVF24X for separating the drilling fluid from the drilling mud with a trough width of 640mm and a trough length of 2750mm driven by two unbalance motors. The screen linings are made of polyurethane and steel mesh are designed as


With the dewatering screen, the customer receives a very important component for his separation & recycling machine for drilling fluids from the HDD drilling process. Thanks to the screen, the on-site water cycle is not unnecessarily burdened and the drilling fluid can also be recycled directly. Thus, the legal regulations and the requirement for recycling and sustainability and economy are fully met.

place of installation: Germany