Conveyor belt scales

AViTEQ Conveyor belt scales enable precise dynamic weighing of raw materials directly in their process environment, even under problematic environmental influences. Our checkweighers deliver reliable results with low investment for applications ranging from low to high loads.
Up to6.000t/h delivery rate
With its high conveying rate, the AViTEQ conveyor belt scale is versatile and can be used for precise weighing.
Up to6m/s belt speed
Thanks to the belt speed of the belt weigher, bulk goods are reliably conveyed from A to B.
Up to45degree temperature
With a temperature range between -25 and +45 degrees, the scale can be used in many places.

At a glance

  • AViTEQ Conveyor belt scales weigh continuous material flows of
    bulk materials to determine throughput rates and consumption in production plants.
    production plants. Thanks to their simple installation, our precise checkweighers can be flexibly integrated into an existing conveyor belt - keeping investment costs low.
  • AViTEQ Conveyor belt scales are characterized by their high, permanent weighing
    weighing accuracy. Their robust design with direct load transmission makes them largely insensitive to vibrations and shocks as well as environmental conditions such as
    shocks and environmental conditions such as exposure to water and dust or strong temperature fluctuations.
  • AViTEQ Conveyor belt scales are easy to operate and determine the weight and
    continuously record the weight and belt speed to determine the conveying
    of bulk materials of all kinds per time unit, the daily throughput or a batch weight. The system tolerance is between ±0.25% and ±1.00%, depending on the version.

High accuracy under difficult conditions

AViTEQ Conveyor belt scales enable the continuous weighing of a wide variety of bulk materials on conveyor belts. Our checkweighers are designed so that they can be easily integrated into an existing conveyor belt. They are used in gravel works, quarries, mining and tunnel construction as well as in recycling. In other words, wherever precise dynamic weighing of raw materials directly in the process environment must be guaranteed, even in problematic environmental conditions. With a throughput of up to 6,000 t/h, they monitor the material flow and calculate the production quantity for each specified time interval.

  • Gravimetric measurement
  • High throughput of up to 6,000 t/h
  • Robust construction
  • Use under difficult conditions
  • High and permanent weighing accuracy
  • Low capital expenditure
  • Simple assembly and installation
  • Flexible integration into existing systems
Technical dataWBS-1WBS-2WBS-4
Measurement tolerance±1% *)±0,5% *)±0,25% *)
Delivery rate (t/h)≤ 6.000≤ 6.000≤ 6.000
Belt speed (m/s)≤ 3,5/6,0≤ 3,5/6,0≤ 3,5/6,0
Ambient temperature-25°C to +45°C25°C to +45°C25°C to +45°C
Protection classIP68, IP65IP68, IP65IP68, IP65


The conveyor belt scale in practical use

Get an idea here of how our conveyor belt scales can be used in different areas.

Built-in conveyor belt scales

Weighing chair of the conveyor belt scale

Weighing rollers of the conveyor belt scale


Further information

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