Powerful unbalance motors

We offer you the perfect unbalance drive for almost any size and in any performance level. Our vibration motors guarantee successful use in standard processes as well as in a wider and more specialized range of applications.

Up to 15.8kg working weight
AViTEQ Unbalance motors move appliances weighing over 11,000 kg.
Up to5.46kgcm working moment
We offer motors with working torques from 0.1 to 2,763 kgcm.
Up to300kN centrifugal force
Appliances and bulk material are vibrated with up to 119 kN.

Our unbalance drives: versatile powerhouses

Our unbalance motors are versatile. Regardless of the material grain size and whether you equip vibrating feeders, hoppers or screening systems with them and use them for transporting, loosening, compacting or separating raw materials and bulk materials - with AViTEQ vibratory drives, you will always achieve high-quality, high-performance results. Thanks to the standard PTC thermistors and tropical insulation, perfect operation can be ensured even under adverse environmental conditions, on difficult terrain and in high ambient humidity.

  • Can be used for various applications
  • Transportation, weighing, screening, dewatering and dosing of raw materials and materials
  • Adjustable vibration amplitudes and acceleration values
  • Equipped with PTC thermistor and tropical insulation as standard
  • Can also be used in unfavorable environments and is powerful

AViTEQ Vibration motors: up to any challenge

In harsh or humid environments such as mining or in the construction, stone and earth industries, vibration motors must be characterized by durability and a long service life of up to 20 years or more. The maintenance-friendly unbalance drives work efficiently and reliably even under harsh conditions. They can be seamlessly integrated into any overall system and are compatible with many different conveyor and screening systems - if required, they can even be specifically adapted for use and safely integrated into the respective desired work processes.

  • Robust, resistant and durable
  • Variably compatible with various conveyor systems
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Can be integrated into specific systems and workflows
  • Flexible and configurable centrifugal weights for precise adjustments
  • Low risk of vibration thanks to clamping device


AViTEQ Vibration motors: the drive behind your success

Our extensive and diverse product range impresses with reliable and high-performance AViTEQ vibration motors. Versatility, durability and robustness regardless of temperature, air quality and humidity, as well as energy efficiency and an attractive price-performance ratio, are the attributes that will help make each of your projects a success.

Unbalance motor with forced ventilation

Unbalance motors on a vibrating conveyor trough

Unbalance motors on ATEX vibrating conveyor pipe

Side-mounted unbalance motors on stainless steel vibrating trough


Further information

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Expertise for your industry

With over 80 years of global experience, we at AViTEQ have specialized in the diverse requirements of different industries. Our comprehensive product range offers customized solutions to handle bulk materials efficiently and safely in various production processes - from bulk material handling to thermal treatment. Discover our wide range of machine solutions to help you meet your industry-specific requirements.

AViTEQ hopper discharge unit and sample photo of project

Loading electroplating drums with screws


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