We vibrate with variety!

Magnetic vibrator in all sizes

AViTEQ Magnetic vibrators can be used in many different ways. Within vibration and oscillation technology, they are the first choice as a drive when bulk materials need to be metered.

An unmistakable dosing accuracy, an immediate start-and-stop of bulk materials and no maintenance intervals, as they are completely free of lubricated bearings. The variance of the drives ranges from different oscillation frequencies (25, 33, 50, 100Hz) in 50Hz mains operation (30, 40, 60, 120Hz in 60 Hz mains) to different voltage ranges. This is complemented by our series for explosion-proof areas (ATEX) and special variants such as our magnetic vibrators optimized for tropical countries and seaside locations.

Combined with our control technology, we get your vibratory equipment moving optimally to convey and screen bulk materials ideally.