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Conveying guided arm troughs - Discharging, feeding, conveying

In many industrial production processes, sharp or hot waste bulk has to be handled (e.g. metal shavings, foundry sand or slugs). Often, it has to be transported over long distances underfloor before it will be disposed or re-processed. The use of conveyor belts often leads to difficulties due to high wear and overflowing of the floor trenches. The result: high maintenance costs, frequent cleaning of the ditches, thus interrupting production. The optimal solution for these tasks are our AViTEQ conveying guided arm troughs

Advantages & Benefits

  • low height
  • transport of hoarse products
  • careful product transport
  • longer gutter trough
  • dust-proof design 


The gutter trough is on trailing arms connected to a counter-vibration frame, this in turn is mounted on springs, this combination ensures that the dynamic forces are isolated up to 99 %. This allows frames and foundation are kept very small. 


The dimensioning of the reversing conveyor depends on: 

  • conveyed material
  • throughput
  • product size
  • height of the pits
  • length of the trail

Key figures 

  • length: up to 22.000 mm
  • width: up to 900 mm
  • throughput: up to 180m³/h
  • drives: unbalanced motor, exciter, thrust crank

Product photos