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Hopper vibrator - Compacting, Loosening

AViTEQ Hopper impact vibrators/bin activators errect bunker walls by periodic oscillations in shock and so the friction between the bulk and bunker wall (caking). They are just for knocking out of forms, for shaking of chutes and downpipes, for better emptying of containers and bulk materials from adhering to solve, for example in filters. The most common activators are unbalanced motors and magnetic vibrators. For special and heavy demands, there are impact vibrators available.


Advantages & benefits

  • magnetic impact vibrators excite the bunker walls with aligned linear oscillations. They have no "run out" and respond immediately after switching; the vibrational intensity can be adjusted at the control unit
  • unbalanced motors have a rotating direction of force, they put the bunker wall in uniform, universally effective vibration
  • large vibratory force at small dimensions
  • robust and undemanding  


In certain cases, a single drive can already act as an activator. If there is an impact force needed, our impact vibrators are available which are structured as follows:

  • magnetic vibrator
  • drive mounting plate incl. special impact bolt
  • support frame with a special impact


The selection of the size and type of drive depends on:

  • thickness of the hopper wall
  • hopper geometry
  • stiffness of the hopper wall

Key figures

  • hopper diameter: 200 mm - 4,000 mm
  • wall thickness: 4 mm - 25 mm (impact vibrators: 10 mm - 25 mm)
  • working frequencies: 1,500 - 6,000 min-1
  • drives: magnetic vibrator, unbalanced motor

Protection types currently available

protection typestandard bin activatorexplosivproof bin activator
IP protection type MV 1IP55IP65
ATEX 2noII 2D Ex h IIIC T105°C Db - BVS 19 ATEX H 022 X  


DIN EN 60529 
2 directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

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