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Compact feeder drive

compact feeder, Small parts feeder, dosing feeder

AViTEQ Compact feeder drive is used everywhere fine-grained bulk materials and not too unwieldy mass parts must be delivered, conveyed, dosed, added or assigned from storage tanks. AViTEQ has led the way in producing these devices and drives in Germany on a highest level standard. 

Advantages and benefits 

  • High level of conveying capacity with compact dimensions
  • operationally safe in continuous employment
  • No influencing of the conveying speed with different loading of the user device (conduit, trough, rail).
  • Conformity with all EC Guidelines which affect the drives
  • available for explosion-endangered spaces (ATEX; 94/9/EG)
  • available  for 60 Hz power systems and other mains voltages 

Drive selection

In the selection of the drive, effective weight is to be considered, particularly the weight of the user device to be screwed on securely. The weight of the material conveyed is itself negligible in the case of the synchronized AViTEQ Compact feeder drives. If the effective weight of the series coordination deviates (see table "Effective Weight"), then this must be included with the order, or be made available at the construction site. The maximum admissible effective weight should not be exceeded. 

With reference to the respective area of application, the product range includes 4 groups:

The group (Type KR-2; KF 1; KF 6; KF 12; KF 24) is particularly suitable for the discharge and conveying of bulk material, e.g. for the addition of components in mixing installations. The small conveying drive is provided with a corresponding trough or pipe for this purpose.

The Types eKF 1, eKF 6, eKF 12, eKF 24 are examined vibration feeder drives for use in potentially explosive atmospheres certificated accordingly to ATEX-Directive 94/9/EG.

The group (Type KF 0,3; KF 0,5; KF 0,7; KF 0,9) serves mainly as a drive of rails for the conveying of arranged parts, e.g. as transport or backed-up route sections between parts conveyor and downstream equipment and/or machine. In this case, a conveying rail is used on the small conveying drive, which is adapted exactly to the part to be transported.

A variant of the group KF 0,3 to KF 0,9 is the "CR" design implementation e.g. for employment in the food or pharmaceuticals industry. These small conveying drives do not have any painted parts, they are easy to clean, resistant to ultraviolet light, alcohol and formalin, as well as suitable for the sterile sector. They are thus also provided with a trough or pipe for the conveying of bulk material. 

Design & Accessories 

  • Standard feed hoppers (also in stainless steel)
  • Adjustable frame for control of the flow rate
  • AViTEQ controller 

Protection types currently available

protection typeStandard MVexplosivproof MV
IP protection type 1IP55IP65
ATEX 2noII 2 G Ex e IIB T4 Gb
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T 115°C Db IP65  
CSA/ULin processing  in processing


DIN EN 60529 
2 directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

Product photos



Small conveyor units KF (EN) - PDF (1.28MB)
Kleinfördergeräte KF (DE) - PDF (1.27MB)
Distributeur compact lecteur (FR) - PDF (1.29MB)