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New natural frequency feeders

Natural frequency feeders - Conveying, Screening, Dewatering

The AViTEQ-Natural frequency trough feeders/screens are an ideal solution for the food industry when there is a need for conveying, screening and dewatering of light or sensitive bulk solids. The Natural frequency conveyors follow the principle of the dual mass vibration system. Through the introduction of direct vibrations in the counterweight, these vibrations are directed via leaf springs. Resulting in a high working stroke of the conveyor trough. They are characterized by their compact design and low-noise operation. In comparison to typical vibration products, where the vibration is introduced directly into the trough, much smaller drives can be used for the same task. In conjunction with a magnetic drive, natural frequency conveyors are the ideal products for dosing of bulk solids. The design of the trough and screen are as varied as the customers application.

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