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Long lasting screening of crude salt (rock salt) underground

capacity (t/h): 40 | bulk: Rock salt | density (t/m³): 1,3 | grain size (mm): 0 - 60


Rock salt is to be separated underground. For this purpose, the main product stream is pre-classified after the first crushing stage (roller crusher) by means of a bar grate. In terms of the separation plant, this partial stream contains both coarse material and fine material, which are to be separated by a screen. The coarse material and the fine material are returned to the main product tower above ground. The medium material is fed to the separation plant for the separation of rock salt. The task is to supply a suitable screening machine that separates the feed stream into the above fractions. One of the most important boundary conditions is the limited installation height that has to be observed underground.Rock salt is to be separated underground


The unit was designed as a fine screen (type VSF1840/5600ASS-UVP119W) with changeable screen inserts. The first screen deck is used to screen the coarse material larger than 3.0 mm and the lower screen deck is used to screen the fraction < 1.0 mm. The screen construction was designed with a frame construction in which the screen inserts are fixed in place and with a cover above. The complete frames are braced together by means of threaded rods.


Screening of fine material

place of installation: Germany, underground